Why I like to date London escorts



Are London escorts hotter than other escorts? A lot of people think about London as a place outside of London but that is not right. It takes in big parts of North London such as Romford and Dagenham. The girls who work as escorts in this part of London often consider themselves as London escorts even though they all work in London strictly speaking. I think that all of the girls that I have met so far at female London escorts services are really hot and sexy.


It is a fallacy to say that all of the girls who work at London escorts are new to escorting. I don’t know how this rumour got started but for some reason a lot of gents think that London girls are new to escorting. Most of them are a little bit younger than girls in places like central and West London, but many of them are really experienced. I cannot remember how many dates I have had with the girls from London escort services but I have always had a really good time and I don’t think that I will change agencies.


Are the girls at London escorts friendlier? One of my mates who date escorts in other part of London asked me the other day if the girls that I meet up with in London are friendlier. I had to stop and think about that for a moment but in general I think that all of the girls are friendly. When I used to date in central London the girls were okay but I certainly don’t think that they are as friendly as all of the girls that I have met at London escort services.


When I date in places like London, I noticed that a lot of the girls were reluctant to date as outcall escorts. I actually live in London now so I prefer dating outcall girls. As a matter of fact, I have always enjoyed dating outcall escorts. There is something special when a girl comes to your home and looks after you for a couple of hours. One thing is for sure, the girls at London escorts are very good at doing that.


Do I enjoy the company of London escorts? Of course I enjoy the company of girls from London escort services. I could not see the point in dating them otherwise. Some guys just date any escort they can get hold of but I am a lot fussier than that. I like to date a girl who fits in with me. Yes, it is important that she is hot and sexy, but her personality matters as well. So far all of the girls that I have met at London escort services have had really had nice personalities and it is one of the reason why I carry on dating them. It make such a difference when you know that you are going to meet up with a girl with a nice personality.