What do when you are waiting for his call

Do you have a boyfriend who is bad at calling you back? My boyfriend is terrible me at calling me back, and sometimes days go by. Sometimes I thing that he does not want to be with me any longer and to be honest, I lose confidence in our relationship. But do you do when you are in that kind of position? Well, I am glad I am busy at Basildon escorts so that I can get busy.

If you have a boyfriend who is a bit like mine, it is a good idea to totally ignore him. I used to go really nuts when I started to date my boyfriend at first, and when I did not hear from him, I used to go totally nuts. But I took some advice from my friends at Basildon escorts and started to ignore him. That did the trick, and he started to call me back.

I am not sure that it would work for everybody, but to be fair, I do think that it would work for a lot of people. My boyfriend does not mean any harm by it, it is just that he is very forgetful, and he is also very busy. It is not easy today, we all have to work hard to keep going and I am often very busy at Basildon escorts. I like being busy with Basildon escorts, but at the same time, I wish that I had more time for me friends.

When my boyfriend does not call, I spend time with my girlfriends. We go shopping and do all sorts of things which are fun for girls. Sometimes my boyfriend gets a bit jealous but then I tell him that as he does not call me back, I need to have something to do. He says that he understands but from what I can tell, he still gets a little bit jealous. But like I say to him, in that case, he should give me a call and not ignore my calls. It seems hard, and sometimes I do feel a little bit guilty but you do need to stand up for yourself on occasion. Does it make the relationship stronger? I think that it does and I must admit that I am a great believer in being strong in a relationship.

In general, I think that gents are kind of bad at calling you back. I have had a few boyfriends who have been terrible at calling me back, but then again, I do date a couple of gents at Basildon escorts who are not very good at calling me back. So, is forgetting to call back a man thing? I think that it is very much is a man thing, and I know a lot of gents who never call you back. Do they forget? I am not sure they forget, or if they are frighten of the phone. I actually do think that there are some guys out there who simply do not like picking up the phone.