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Being strong in this fake world could be the best weapon a man could ever have. Crying will just make you stuck and won’t move on. however it also does not mean that you are weak as a person. you don’t have to cry a lot of time with the same reason of person. you have to know your limitations and know when to stop. though at first it is really painful but it’s always worth it. Spending a quality time with someone matter is what important. it’s important not to be stuck with a person who does not value you. I know how hard it is to start again but you will never find happiness if you keep looking back.


I never know how strong I am when I decided to ignore the pain. when I started to face what is the reality. When things falls apart all I can do is to move forward. I started to change my ways of living. Started to make improvements with my life. I stop thinking about what goes wrong but what is in front of me. I become athletic and more active in life. the pain that I experienced shape me into the person I am not. Thanks to the pain that made me strong. it was my weapon to go forward.


i stop thinking what could other people think of me. I believe that I can make it. i know that no matter how much I try there are lots of people who will say bad things about me. I started to entertain love again. I met this beautiful lady when I went to London. I met a London escort from that made me fall in love again. Having such precious woman gave me reason to start again. it is her that I really look forward in life. it is her that love me even things become so fade to me.


Having someone who accept you for who you are is what important. someone that will listen to you and make you feel that you are enough. I never been this happy my entire life if it wasn’t because of a London escort. London escort taught me so many things and through the years we become together. it was a new found love for me. it was her that I do care about. I could never been this happy if London escort is not there for me. Having a good woman in my life is all that I ever wanted. She’s the one that always takes good care of me no matter what happened. what I love with a London escort is that we are finally together and happily married. I can’t be thankful of the pain that I had.