Look After Your Local Environment and Make Some Money at The Same Time

Do you worry about our natural environment? The environment we live in affect us all, and here in London we have lots of problems with pollution. Yet, we are slow in helping our environment. Walking around London, I can still see that there is a lot of litter about, and precious few people think about what they are throwing. Walking into Marble Arch escorts, I see so much stuff we can be used again.

One of the biggest threats to our natural world is our general attitude to what we call rubbish. I am sure that if we took a second look at the rubbish we have in our homes, we may even find a way to re use it. I got the idea from one of the girls I work with at Marble Arch escorts. She is really good and even has a composter in her little garden. In her composter, she puts all of her stuff which can be composted. Once it has all composted down, she puts in on her garden.

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She sort of inspired to think of things differently when it comes to the local environment around my home in London. Quite often when I leave my flat to go to Marble Arch escorts, I see something useful which have been thrown away. I pick up if I have enough space for it, and it in my little flat or lock up which I have got. I never used to do this sort of thing before, but it makes me feel good and there is another advantage to being a bit of a dumpster diver as well.

Over the past couple of months, I have been able to make a little bit out of my dumpster diving as I call. The other girls at Marble Arch escorts don’t know what I call my sideline. But some of the stuff which I have found, is not of a bad quality at all, and I have actually been able to put it to one side, and sell it. Sometimes I list it on a local shopping app, but most of the the time I take it to my car boot stall which I run on the side of Marble Arch escorts.

I am sure that the other girls at Marble Arch escorts would laugh at me if they knew what I was doing, but it is actually working out for me. Last time I set up my little stall at a car boot fair, I made rather a lot of money. The thing is that some people may think of it is as trash, but the vast majority of people don’t. They see something they like, and it may even be useful to them. I love my little stall, and recently I have been doing very well just selling stuff which I have picked up on the streets of London. It makes you wonder if I could make a business out of it, I have a funny feeling that I could.