It might have something to do with that my first serious date was a ballerina.

In my job, I sell golf equipment, I travel to Notting Hill a lot. Recently I have discovered that many Notting Hill escorts used to be dancers and I have ever since started dating Notting Hill escorts. Not only are these girls stunning but I love the fact that Notting Hill escorts can dance as well.

One of the girls I met on recent date even used to dance at String fellows, and I just couldn’t believe my luck when she danced for me. Since then I have dated quite a few Notting Hill escorts. Okay, they may be getting bored with me when I talk about golf all the time, but I certainly never get bored with my Notting Hill escorts when they start to dance for me.

If you have never had a girl dance on a one to one basis for you, you simply must try it. It is the most amazing experience, and when they are dressed in exotic lingerie as well, it feels like your loins will explode. I have been to the area quite a few times, and by know I have a few favorite dancing Notting Hill escorts from that I always meet up with. Next time you are in Notting Hill, why don’t you say hello to Notting Hill escorts


Laura is an interesting dancing girl. We met over drinks initially but then we went back to her room and she danced for me. She used to be a professional pole dancer, and I do not know how she dance in those killer heels but she certainly can.

Laura has now danced with me on more than one occasion and I hope there will be many others. She has this really cute well rounded bum that she wiggles in my face but she keeps telling me that I am not allowed to touch. It is so HARD to resist.


Missy, Missy what can I say. This is a very classical English rose who trained to be a ballerina. I am so lucky to have met her. Missy does not only warm up your loins with her cheeky dancing but she has the most amazing personality. I was feeling a bit down when I met her but she soon warmed up my aching heart as well as everything else.

We sat down and had a nice drink together, and she noticed I was a bit down in the dumps. She treated me to the most sensual slow dance I have ever known, and I would love to meet Missy again when I am in Notting Hill.


Samantha can only be described as imaginative and wicked. She is a very naughty lady even though she has an angel’s smile. On my last visit to Notting Hill we went out to dinner together, and I just couldn’t believe some of the things this girl got up to. In the end I just had to take her back to my place to see if I could get her to behave herself. That was a very difficult task, so I just let her be naughty instead.

My next visit to Notting Hill is in a couple of weeks’ time and I just can’t wait to meet up with my Notting Hill girls again. This time I will show them how to get onto the green!