I am scared of sex girls

A friend of mine threw a party in the Canary Wharf in London recently. It was a bit of bachelors party to be honest, and not really the sort of party that I would normally go to. But, as it was his birthday, and all of the other guys at the office were going, I decided that I would go as well. What I did not was that it was going be packed with super sexy girls. If I had known that, I am not sure that I would have gone.

I am one of those guys who have not ever been comfortable around super sexy girls. Sure I like looking at them but when I meet one, it is a little bit like the cat has got my tongue. At first I thought that I would have the same problem on this occasion, but for some reason, I got on very well with the girls. I told one of the other guys that I could not believe how many hot girls my friend knew. It was then he told me that they were all London escorts of cheap London escort. I could not believe it, I had never met London escorts before.

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The girls were all super friendly but of course as they were London escorts, they were being paid to be friendly. I thought that it was really going to put me off but it didn’t. For the first time in my life I felt really happy about talking to and meeting up with sexy girls. By the end of the evening, I had lost count of the amount of girls that I had spoken to at the party and I went home that evening a new man.

When I came home from the party, I soon realised that I had forgotten to ask for a card. I could not believe that I did not have any of the details of the girls I had met at the party. One girl had been really nice to me, and I had felt that we had something going on in between us. She did say that she worked for a London escorts service and it was the same one as the other girls. However, I could not remember what the escort agency was called, and I did not want to ask my friend.

To cut a long story short, the sexy Amanda found me. She had got in touch with my friend in the office and told him that she wanted to meet me again. All of the guys in the office could not believe that a girl from a London escorts service wanted to seem me again, but it was the truth.  A couple of days later , Amanda and I met up for coffee and ever since then we have spent time together. We fell in love, and it is hard to believe that five years later, the sexy Amanda has become my wife. They say the nerd will rule the world, and perhaps he will after all.