How well do you really know your boyfriend

Sometimes you just have to stop and think. I found myself in that exact situation a few months back. It all happened during a London escorts outcall. The gent had gone upstairs for a shower just after I had arrived. I sat in an over sized armchair and looked through his DVD porn movie collection. My eyes almost fell out of my head when I came across a DVD which had my boyfriend on the cover. He was doing doggie style with some hot blonde. I gasped – some thing are event too much from a charlotte escorts service. I knew that my boyfriend had a bit of a hidden past.

Before we had met he used to work in Los Angeles. He had told me and the other girls at London escorts that he used to be a male model, but from what I could now tell, he must have been supplementing his income by doing other things as well. During my time with London escorts I had learned to handle all sorts of things, but this was a step too far, and I did not feel good about it.Like other girls at London escorts, I am very liberal minded. This situation did not really have anything to do with being open minded about porn and sex.

It was more of a personal thing, and I felt it in my heart. My boyfriend had lied to me, and that was something I would not tolerate. There is a heck of a difference between being a male model and a porn star. In general my boyfriend was a great guy and he even put up with me working for London escorts, but there are limits. I really did need to speak to him.

When I got home that evening, I found my boyfriend sitting in his underpants on the sofa. I was tired from working late at London escorts, but I felt that I needed to have it out with him. For goodness sake, we had been having sex without a condom, and I knew that many American porn stars were encouraged to work without protection. I felt like rushing out to have an HIV test right away, but no clinics were open.

It was scary and I promised myself to make it my first priority tomorrow. My boyfriend was a bit taken back. I think that he could tell that something was wrong, and I did not hesitate to take up the subject with him. I could tell that he was feeling a bit bad about it, but that did not make it right. I did not want to turn into a shouting match, I was just too tired from my London escorts shift. But I did tell him that I wanted to him to go and have a test tomorrow morning as soon as possible. In my confused state, I even debated that if I should ask for my keys back. I left it for now, but this was discussion which was not over, and I was not happy about the situation I found myself in. Sometimes you just have to kick ass