Healthy Skin by London Escorts

According to of London Escorts the skin is the largest and most visible organ on a human body. It influences other people’s perceptions and is thus important to keep skin looking young, vibrant and supple. Here are tips to keep the skin healthy.

Proper cleaning of the skin is paramount to maintaining a healthy skin. Sweat, dust and body oils stick on the skin’s surface blocking the skin pores. This may lead to pimples and other infections. Regular showers unblock the pores keeping the skin healthy. However, one should avoid very hot showers as they strip the skin of its protective oils and moisture.

The sunshine is great for maintaining a healthy skin. However, extreme weather conditions such as very hot sunshine, storms and rain may damage the skin. One should ensure that he or she uses sunscreen when outdoors. Sunscreen should also be applied on to the neck and chest. These places are as sensitive as the face and are normally exposed to sunshine.

There are several types of skins, dry, natural, sensitive and oily skin. One’s type of skin should inform the choice of beauty products. Dry skin requires products that moisturize the skin. Oily skin requires products that have no oil while sensitive skin requires beauty products that are mild. Furthermore, one should avoid products that contain lightening ingredients and other harmful products such mercury. These products damage the skin with their lightening action.

Products with a combination of sage, peppermint and witch hazel are good for skin toning. Peppermint creates a cool tingle on the skin. Sage is good in controlling oil while witch hazel helps in restoring the skins protective layer. Unscented baby powder can be used where parts of the skin meet such as inner thighs, underarms and beneath the breasts. It helps keep these areas clean and dry thus reducing the growth of fungi and bacteria. It also prevents a skin condition called intertrigo. Aloe Vera gels help moisturize extra dry skin. It may be applied on the skin as a foundation before applying other skin products.

Eating well, exercising and drinking plenty of water is a natural way of keeping the skin healthy and vibrant. Skin requires vitamins C, D and E. Water hydrates the skin and keeps it supple. Health experts recommend at least eight glasses of water daily. Exercise promotes sweating which in turn gets rid of salts and other waste products under the skin. Exercise reduces the amount of fat that is deposited under the skin. The fat is responsible for stretch marks and unsightly drooping skin on the stomach and thighs.

One can keep skin young and vibrant by eating the right foods, drinking water and applying good skin care products. Most of these products are cheap and readily available in the market. Healthy skin is a healthy feeling to face the day with confidence.