Escorts come in different categories.

This has been the longest debate, and most people will conclude that escorts and prostitutes are the same thing. However, that’s far from the truth.  Even though all of them are paid for their services, how they deliver it is what draws a line between them. Here is a look at the difference between escorts and prostitutes.

Most of the sexy escorts are well-trained and are better educated. They know the etiquettes of high society, apart from being stylish. They are well-groomed and look hot enough to accompany high-profile clients to social gatherings. It doesn’t just end there. They make men feel complete and act as the perfect girlfriend any man would ask for. They also play the part of a lover.

On the other hand, most prostitutes don’t undergo any form of training. They just make use of the inborn ability to handle clients. This is also the reason why they don’t accompany clients or act as girlfriends.

Proper grooming makes escorts look like well-bred women fit to be in high society. Escorts who work in high class agencies will in most cases look the part. This means that you can’t tell if she in as escort or simply a wife or girlfriend of some rich guy.

Prostitutes on the other hand will dress in revealing clothes that show 90% of their naked body. They do that to attract clients and to stand out so that the client can notice who the prostitute is and who the ordinary girl is.

Most London escorts work with agencies and this means that you will only find them online. However, there are others that work in clubs and entertainment joints where their target clients are. Prostitutes on the other hand stand on street pavements and corridors. Those that don’t stand out in the streets can be found in brothels.

Escorts come in different categories. They include: Material girl, Niche escort, Rebel, blue collar escort, Convert, Outsider, Smart cookie, Part-timer, Seductress, Sugar baby, Entrepreneur. However, prostitutes don’t have categories. There is only the beginner and the professional.

So, when looking for a lady to satisfy your needs, it is important that you understand the above-mentioned differences before you can settle for a one. There are men who enjoy the services of escorts while there are those that can’t do without prostitutes.