Do all hormones matter when it comes to having sex?

That is a really good question that Acton escorts of would like to know the answer to, and the fact is that there is one hormone that is more important than any others. Dr. Kirsten Stevens is our resident sex expert here at the Better Sex Guide, and she loves to come in to answer questions.

Acton escorts also work closely together with the Better Sex Guide on many matters, and most

Acton escorts are interested in many of things that are associated to love and sex. Of course, Acton escorts appreciate that there are several factors at play. Acton escorts say that it would be interesting to know about more about the chemistry of sex, and how sex comes top together at the end of the day.

Dr Kirsten Stevens that sex is actually a quite complex matter, and maybe even escorts in Acton would struggle to understand it inside out. The fact is that most of us, and Acton escorts, will struggle to appreciate some of the complexed chemical reactions that take place. The fact is that sex doesn’t normally start with the act itself. Like she told the Acton escorts, sex and the release of the most important sex hormones, start way before we even open the bedroom door.

The Love Hormone

Acton escorts have decided that we should call the sex hormone oxytocin the love hormone instead. As a matter of fact this is a much better name. The love hormone oxytocin springs into action before we get our clothes off and fall in a mess on the bed.

It is not quite clear at which point is starts being produced but we know that some men even start to produce it when they see their partners face. A smile it sometimes all it take to get the love hormone oxytocin going.

Women do have the same hormone but it takes a little bit longer for it to be produced. Ladies need to be kissed and cuddled before our bodies start to produce oxytocin, and with women the hormone is a bit more slow release. This is actually quite interesting as men do seem to be able to get aroused quicker but it will take women a little bit longer to get aroused and excited. It would explain why arousal in men is almost like flicking a switch whilst in women it takes a lot longer.

Kissing and Cuddling

Kissing and cuddling is an important part of love making for women, and it is only when the love hormone starts kicking in. We will start to feel excited when we are hugged, kissed and stroked. Men may be there instantly but women do certainly need some time to get there. Some men can be very impatient and be expecting ladies to be able to go straight away but this is seldom the case. We need to be able to feel that initial kick and that triggers a flood of testosterone in women’s bodies.

Testosterone is the other hormone which make women want to have sex, and this is the hormone which can really put us in touch with our animal instincts. As a matter of fact, it can make us crave sex.