5 Things You Need to know How I improve my relationship to a man


Girl and boy relationship is familiar to everyone, and according to Escorts in London, people are born with two different genitals. So, most church leaders pursue that women are to man and man are to women beyond that is a bit treacherous to Almighty God. But I barely ask myself why God create me as a man as I was born to be a woman? Yes, I am a man, my name is Jacob, 28 years of age, and proud to be Gay! In my 28 years of existence in this world, I experienced rejected by people and teased being gay. It’s hard for me to accept why God allow me this to happen. I don’t consider myself as a male, but still, want to look normal in front of people. I am a college degree holder and have a stable job here in New York. Most of my colleagues know I’m a gay but never did I say it, it’s just their perceptions about me. I don’t want to create an issue and look guilty to them, so I let them be. My life is private, and only a few people I trust knows my story. I am in a relationship with my longtime partner David, we have been together for five years and still happy. I would love to share with you our secrets how we keep our relationship healthy.


  1. Finances

We make sure to talk about money and how we handle it. It never a problem for us who will pay the bills or buys the food. Everything was conjoined even our salaries and cards. Once and foremost, keeping money from your partner can be suspicious, and you don’t want your partner to question your loyalty to them according to London Escorts.


  1. Sex

My partner and I do silly things in the bedroom. We make sure to have sex, and it’s our way to strengthen the bond. It’s how we express our love and feel us secure. I don’t let my partner get bored while doing sex, and I make different positions to satisfy him according to London Escorts.


  1. Pet in the house

We have decided to get a pet, as we all know I can’t bear a child. Our dog gave us love and family we wish to have according to London EscortsEscorts.


  1. Freedom

I know for a fact that man will always be a man, but I don’t want him to stop everything he loves to do. I allow him to get out and party.  Never feel your man useless, or else they will leave you.


  1. Trust

Trust is very crucial in every relationship. To keep the relationship work, have faith in your partner.